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As a wedding photographer, I feel it's really important to capture each moment of your D-day. From the preparation to the first dance, every moment will have its own fun and emotional part.

Let's have fun together and rock those wedding photos !

Contact me, but first, let me show you some images of previous weddings I was part of.

what are the


you want to remember forever ?

your wedding is your day, and you will live it intensely. What are the memories you want to create and remember in 50 years ?

Weddings are all about fun, love and joy !

Photographe Mariage Vaud Nyon Lausanne Vevey
Photographe Mariage Vaud
Photographe Mariage Valais
Photographe Mariage Nyon Lausanne Vevey Chateau
Photographe Mariage Vaud Anne Gerzat

Let's do some art together !

I will capture all of this for you

photographe Mariage Valais




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It's your D-Day ! Forget about me, I will capture all the details and moments of your day with a big smile on my face.

I capture your love

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and it's the most beautiful job in the world.

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